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How to Optimize Hard Drive performances in windows 10

In windows 10 optimizing your hard disk will help to improve the overall performance of your computer. On a well-optimized hard drive, Windows will load up faster as will your programs and games. It's also a good idea to keep track of your files and programs and remove data which you no longer use. Apart from freeing up space on your hard drive, it will also make running various maintenance utilities such as Disk Defragmenter easier and quicker. To get your hard drives running up to scratch again, follow these tips.

From the start menu or start screen In the Search box type “defrag” and press enter in the end.Within the search results choose “Defragment and optimize your drives” 

The Optimize Drivers windows will be then displayed on your computer.

First, for each driver pick “analyze” in order to see if a defragment operation is being required or not.
If you need to repair your hard drive just pick the “optimize” option.

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