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Download Windows 10 Watermark Remover v2


Microsoft recently have launched Windows 10 Technical Preview copy for general Windows users. Those who are using Windows 8/8.1 or even windows 7 can give a try with this new version of Microsoft Windows. Like many other Windows user I have been using different Windows versions and at last install Windows 10 Tech Preview to my computer.

As soon as I open Windows 10 Technical Preview desktop I find a watermark at the bottom right section of my Windows desktop. This shows the version of Windows is a evolution copy of Windows 10 TP build 9841. Microsoft use the watermark to remind the users that they are using a preview copy of Microsoft Windows 10. However this annoy me and I have been looking for permanent solution to get rid of this.and i wrote a tutorials about how you can remove the Watermark manually .Today finally we got a tool that can remove it so fast and without any problems so Thanx to our programer "kumudu chathuranga" for creating this program and help windows 10 users.

Remove Windows Watermark Using "Windows 10 Watermark Remover v2".

Windows 10 Watermark Remover v2 is another software that can completely remove watermark of  Windows 10. It can be capable of removing watermark from Windows 10 Technical Preview 32 bit and 64 bit copy. You can download the software form Here.

1- Run Windows 10 Watermark Remover v2,you may get a window say "Windows protect your PC" don't worry about it just click on "More info"

2- Now click on "Run anyway"

 3- Now Click on “Remove watermark” then click on “Restart PC" to remove preview/evolution copy watermark from windows 10 Technical preview desktop.

This freeware is very much needed to you if you decide to stick with Technical Preview version at the moment.


Evaluation copy. Build 9841 is still at the bottom of my screen.


Open Command Prompt as Admin and use this cmd: "Mcbuilder" .


No, it does not work. I already tried to replace the files. And compare them with yours. Does not work.


Does NOT work.

Sunchai Paejaroenchai mod

link can't download


didnt work on 9860


It does work, i've tried it in my Windows technical preview 9879. Remaining text will gone after restart your computer.


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