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How to fix Wireless display Miracast support in Surface Pro

Microsoft broke Miracast for Surface Pro (original) users on Windows 8.1. They have not officially commented on this or provided any information on a fix. As pointed out on Twitter by Rafael Rivera, you can work around this by disabling and re-enabling your WiFi connection. Every time you want to use it

First you need to install latest drivers for all three devices, including Processor, Graphics and Wireless Adapter firmware. For Intel devices, download the drivers from website.

1- To get start the job, use the Xbox Video app to play the video, open Charms and select Devices > Project. I can confirm these tablets work well with PTV 3000 without any problems, such as Surface Pro 2, Dell Latitude E6430s, E6330, E6320 models. If the Miracast cuts out off the projected display, you could go into PTV settings mode and adjust overscan.
2-If the method don’t take any affect, go to toggle W-Fi network off and on again without rebooting.

if this not working then you need to update your surface firmware to the last one

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