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How to Adjust Search Settings in windows 8.1

The enhanced Smart Search in Windows 8.1 commingles results from your PC, SkyDrive and the web, providing universal search functionality with the power of Windows. Microsoft bills this functionality as more efficient and intuitive, but it's also a bit controversial and not for everyone. Fortunately, you can configure how Smart Search works. And you can even turn it off.

How to change how Smart Search works

To configure Smart Search, you need to visit PC Settings, the new Metro-based replacement for Control Panel, and navigate to Search and Apps, and then Search.

Use Bing to Search Online. Enabled by default, this option determines whether Bing-driven web results appear in the Search results page. If you set this to Off, you will no longer see these results (and will only see Everywhere, Settings, and Files as options in the Search pane). So my Paris search from before looks like so, offering just local results:
Your Search Experience. This option—available only when Use Bing to Search Online is set to On—determines whether Bing personalizes its search results for you and for your location. If you're going to leave Bing searching enabled, I recommend leaving this on its default: Get Personalized Results From Bing That Use My Location.

SafeSearch. As with browser-based web searches, this settings determines how much adult content is filtered out of search results. As with the previous setting, this is available only when Use Bing to Search Online is set to On.

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