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How to change start screen background in windows 8.1

Windows 8.1’s new Start screen has been hotly debated since the operating system launched in preview mode earlier this week. Acknowledged by some as a bold step into the tablet market, and criticized by many others who prefer the familiar desktop experience, the new 'Modern UI Style' home is here to stay. But beyond not offering a way to bypass this screen in windows 8,windows 8.1 solve this problem and now you can bypass start screen to the desktop.surprisingly Microsoft is also limiting your options when it comes to customizing the Start screen's appearance. You can choose from a couple color schemes and some background images, but that's about it.
To change start-screen background to same as desktop(or other pics):
- charm menu ->settings

 - personalize, then you can see the desktop wallpaper as a choice.

 -choose it.

To use a new background, simply select the background you wish to use by left-clicking once on it. You can also change the color of the text shown on the Start screen by selecting a different color from the row of squares under the background choices.

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